The Kelowna Museums Society partnered with Metro Community to create a display and website about homelessness in Kelowna.

The partnership was sparked by the desire to include different voices and perspectives in the galleries, including the voices of those experiencing homelessness in Kelowna.
Many people experiencing homelessness describe feeling excluded from the larger community. They also tell stories of resilience, resourcefulness and friendship. Rob, Chris, Georgia, Laurie and Diane have generously shared what life is like for them through a series of photographs and personal stories. Their
photographs and stories may not be what comes to mind when we think of the “Okanagan lifestyle” – yet they represent an equally real part of our city.
The number one cause of homelessness in Kelowna is a lack of affordable housing. Last year at least 233 people were living on the street or in shelters. A further 273 people had temporary housing in places like health institutions or treatment centres.
You can visit the display, located in the Okanagan Heritage Museum’s permanent galleries, and the website at