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Documenting COVID-19

The Kelowna Museums Society is documenting Kelowna’s COVID-19 history. We are collecting objects, artworks, photographs, videos and stories, including personal stories from the community.

Tell us about your experience

We invite you to contribute your thoughts and share your experiences during this historic time. The materials we collect may be used for upcoming exhibitions and as research materials for future generations.

Documentation will continue even after the immediate crisis, as we continue to reflect on the impact COVID-19 has on our community.

Do you have something to contribute? Want to share your story? Please complete the online form.

Share your story: COVID-19

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I agree to the following terms: the Kelowna Museums Society reserves the right to edit anything I submit for clarity and brevity, and use my submission in any way they see fit, including for exhibitions, programs, publications, social media and web-based projects. I agree to relinquish copyright of any content I submit to the Kelowna Museums Society and to give permission to store my content in the Kelowna Public Archives, where it may be accessed, without restrictions, by the general public. The Kelowna Museums Society is not obligated to keep any of the content that I submit.

Kelowna Museums Locations

Okanagan Heritage Museum

Kelowna’s flagship museum, the Okanagan Heritage Museum, invites visitors to discover how the Okanagan Valley was formed, to gain insights into the world of our syilx hosts, to learn about the arrival of traders and settlers and so much more.

Okanagan Military Museum

Devoted to the preservation and greater awareness of Okanagan military heritage, the Okanagan Military Museum features uniforms, insignia, badges, firearms and fascinating stories of how locals have contributed to events on the world stage.

Laurel Packinghouse

One of Kelowna’s most historic and beloved buildings, the Laurel Packinghouse is the oldest and largest packinghouse in BC. Part atmospheric rental venue, part museum, this is a building that charms both locals and visitors alike.

Upcoming Events & Workshops

Earth Day Quest

Earth Day Quest

Date April 20, 2024

Take part on an extraordinary Earth Day Quest, taking place from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Downtown Kelowna! Discover the wonders of our planet as you embark on a captivating journey filled with engaging activities that teach you about crucial environmental topics. Unlock th...

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