The Social Life of Water
The Social Life of Water explores the Okanagan’s watershed and the relationships people have had with it over time. The exhibition is arranged like a journey through the watershed, starting at the snowy peak of the upper watershed and ending at the Okanagan River. Visitors explore interpretive panels featuring photographs, stories, nsyilxcən language and information about the five watershed zones: the upper watershed, streams, wetlands, lakes, and Okanagan River. Each zone contains information about the social and ecological significance of that part of the watershed, including stories about animals and how the community has shown respect for the watershed (e.g. spiritual practices and restoration projects). The exhibit artfully blends Indigenous and scientific perspectives about our relationship to water.

The Social Life of Water was developed collaboratively by a team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers and artists from the educational, heritage and environmental sectors. As such, the content of the exhibition showcases an array of perspectives and resonates with the way Indigenous societies transmit ecological knowledge via storytelling and art.

The exhibition is modular and can be made to fit a variety of spaces. Extra features include audio recordings of songs, stories and observations from researchers, artists and Okanagan knowledge keepers, as well as a six-minute video montage showing natural waterscapes and the different ways people and animals interact with water.

Borrowing Fees
Exhibition fee $300 per month, plus shipping expenses
If you have any questions or would like more information about the Kelowna Museums’ travelling exhibitions, please contact:
Jasmine Marshall
Exhibition Coordinator
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