Keepers of the Flame: 20 Years of Connecting & Collecting

Keepers of the Flame header 1024x375 Keepers of the Flame: 20 Years of Connecting & Collecting

Keepers of the Flame: 20 years of Connecting and Collecting

November 11, 2019, marks 20 years since the opening of the Okanagan Military Museum. A dedicated group of veterans and volunteers created the Okanagan Military Museum Society (OMMS) in 1987 with a goal to collect, preserve and exhibit militaria related to local contributions to Canada’s military history.

During its two decades of operation, staff at the Okanagan Military Museum have collected over 20,000 objects, including artifacts, photographs, books and archival documents. Many of the items reflect the service of Okanagan Valley residents. As such, the collection is diverse. It features everything from typical objects, like uniforms, medals, and weapons, to the rare and unique.  The collection is also made of objects with connections to specific places around the world where Canadian men and women served as part of their duties.

Over the years, the collection has wowed both locals and visitors alike. Keepers of the Flame commemorates this special 20th anniversary and provides a unique opportunity to view the depth and diversity of the Okanagan Military Museum’s collections. For anyone interested in military history, this exhibit will provide a fascinating journey.

The exhibition runs from June 22, 2019 to April 2020 at the Okanagan Military Museum, 1424 Ellis Street, Kelowna, BC.

For more information contact:

Keith Boehmer, Military Historian


Icing Sugar Crest – A Sweet Piece of History!

One of the Okanagan Military Museum’s most unique objects is this framed retirement gift made of icing sugar. The Canadian Armed Forces’ Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment badge shows Hercules fighting the Hydra. See it in person at the Keepers of the Flame exhibition.

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