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Come and Tour the ‘New’ Okanagan Heritage Museum!

Have you ever wondered what goes on at night at the Okanagan Heritage Museum? You may be curious as to why the locations of displays and exhibits keep changing. Where has the wolf wandered off to? And who has been making repairs to John McDougal’s trading post? It’s all part of the night-time magic here at the Okanagan Heritage Museum, so that when the doors open for another day visitors will be walking into a new and unique adventure!

The Okanagan Heritage Museum recently underwent a dynamic and multi-year renovation to its permanent collection. The transformation began in 2015 and was completed in spring 2019. Museum staff overhauled the entire permanent gallery, creating a ‘new’ museum in the process. We have compelling new exhibits, impressive displays and exciting stories about Kelowna’s rich history to share!

One of the major projects within the overhaul was the rebuilding of a traditional Okanagan Winter Home (pithouse) or Q’atchi, typical of the syilx people. Kelowna Museums was honoured to have an Elder of the Okanagan Indian Band, Eric Mitchell, lead the project.  Eric is a skilled tradesman and was the builder of the large and beautiful Q’atchi at Komasket Park. He also teaches in the Indigenous Studies program at UBCO. Highly knowledgeable and proud of the wisdom of his culture, Eric was a joy to work with as he brought a strong sense of authenticity, precision and good humour to the project.

Come and dig though our exciting exhibits and displays at the Okanagan Heritage Museum from Monday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm. We can’t wait to welcome you to the ‘new’ Okanagan Heritage Museum!

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