AF or AF web banner hi 1024x375 ArtiFACT or ArtiFICTION?

We’ve transformed the museum’s Feature Gallery into a game! There’s fun for all ages!

Can you tell if it’s ArtiFACT or ArtiFICTION?

The Okanagan Heritage Museum’s latest exhibition immerses visitors in a trivia board game. This unique way to explore the museum’s artifact collection is sure to leave you surprised, stumped, and smarter. The game isn’t just for history buffs. Questions cover a broad range of topics, from fashion and medicine to music and osteology.

Different levels of play are available for children.

The exhibition is a great way for individuals or small groups (social bubbles) to have a fun, safe museum experience. Even if you’re pressed for time you can take the shortcut to play a quick game.

Submit your game card to enter the monthly prize draw.


Come test your knowledge!

Want to practice first?

Is this ArtiFACT or ArtiFICTION?

2010.005.001a 300x225 ArtiFACT or ArtiFICTION?




This small ‘Cherry Bomb’ firework became popular in North America in the late 1980s. Light the wick, throw it as far as you can… and watch it explode!

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