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The 2020-2021 Kelowna Museums programs are a fun way to connect an engaging museum experience with the BC curriculum.

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The education department of the Kelowna Museums Society takes special care to develop student centered, concept-based programming that is in line with the curriculum guidelines as laid out by the BC Ministry of Education.

Programs are categorized below:


Amazing Animals of the Okanagan

Kindergarten – Grade 5

MY, WHAT BIG TEETH YOU HAVE! Examine animal skulls and taxidermy mounts as we explore the biodiversity of the Okanagan. Read more…


Get Wild with Pollinators

Kindergarten – Grade 5

Not all bees live in hives or wear yellow and black stripes! Discover pollinating insects of the Okanagan and appreciate the hard work they do. Read more…


What a Hoot! All About the Owls

Grades 2 – 4

The wise old owls are perfectly adapted to their place on the food chain; see for yourself with an up-close look at our owl collection! Read more…

Social Studies

tmixʷ | syilx Land and Culture

Kindergarten – Grade 12

The syilx people have a deep connection to their land and profound knowledge of local ecosystems. tmixʷ is a syilx word that refers to all living things, including the land, water, animals, people, plants, and much, much more. Read more…

Salmon, Saskatoons and Storytelling

Grade 3

Discover what sn̓k̓lip (coyote) knows through storytelling, songs, artefacts, and a virtual visit to the qwćiʔ (winter home). Read more…

n̓x̌a?x̌?itkw | Lake Tales and The Truth About Ogopogo

Grades 2 – 6

Is the lake a good home for Ogopogo? You decide as we explore our connection to the water, the syilx perspective of n̓x̌a?x̌?itkw, and current water issues. Read more…


Sub Hunter and the Battle of the Atlantic

Grades 5 – 12

This is a story of submarine warfare, the Battle of the Atlantic and Commander C.A. King, who spent most of his life at sea. Get a glimpse of life in the Royal Canadian Navy through select objects that bring the story to life. Read more…

Feature Programs (limited availability)

Our Living Languages: A Feature Exhibition from the Royal BC Museum

Grades 3 – 12

A feature exhibition on loan from the Royal BC Museum. Discover the incredible diversity of First Nations languages in BC and the groundbreaking work underway to keep them alive. Read more…


Field of Crosses: Remembering Our Local Soldiers

Grades 6 – 9

The Field of Crosses is a memorial of 240 white crosses in City Park. Each cross represents one person from Kelowna who lost their life in the service of our community. Read more…

Special Tours

Tu Museo en Tu Idioma

¡Tu museo te da la bienvenida! Participa en una visita guiada en español para adentrarte en las historias, el patrimonio cultural y muchas sorpresas en el Okanagan Heritage Museum. Lee mas…

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Inspire lifelong learning with authentic objects, stories, and experiences.

New School Programs 2020/2021

Kelowna Museums Society takes special care to develop student centered programming in line with the curriculum guidelines as laid out by the BC Ministry of Education.

How to Register

Email us at education@kelownamuseums.ca, or call 250-868-4836 to book your time.

Costs & Payment: Costs per program, whether presented at your school or in the museums, are listed with the program description. Quoted fees will remain in effect during the 2020 school year.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.

Want to Book a full day field trip?

School programs are available throughout the Cultural District at the Rotary Centre for the Arts and the Kelowna Art Gallery. See details below to book.

Kelowna Art Gallery

Phone: (250) 762-2226
email: info@kelownaartgallery.com
Website: kelownaartgallery.com/programming/school-tours

Memorable Birthday Parties at Kelowna Museums

Looking for a new and funtastic birthday experience? Book your child’s next party with Kelowna Museums for a memorable and entertaining adventure! Our engaging staff will inspire, and unite your crew. Staff-guided parties include fun activities and stories to spark the interest of your age group.

Discover the culture and heritage of the Okanagan by exploring your Kelowna Museums.