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The education department of the Kelowna Museums Society takes special care to develop student centered, concept-based programming that is in line with the curriculum guidelines as laid out by the BC Ministry of Education.

Programs are categorized by grade below:



Dig into the world of dinosaurs! Explore real fossils and discover the life of the paleontologist. Read more…


Taking Flight: Okanagan Birds

What features do birds have that help them meet their basic needs? Get up close and personal with our favourite flying friends during this hands-on program. Read more…

Grade 1

Taking Flight: Okanagan Birds

What features do our local birds have that help them survive in their environment? Get up close and personal with our favourite flying friends during this hands-on program. Read more…

Small Animals of BC

A hands-on discovery of local mammals will have students exploring the features and behaviours that help these critters survive in their environment. Read more…

Trees We Eat

The Okanagan orchards have shaped our community and re-shaped the landscape since the first apple tree was planted here. Compare the earliest orchards to todays and enjoy a local fruit tasting! Read more…

Grade 2

Life in the Hive

Buzz around the museum as we move through the lifecycle of our favourite orchard friends, the bees! Read more…

Living History: The Susan Allison Story

Mrs. Allison will take us back in time to her pioneering days in the Okanagan. Hear the true stories of the daily life of her family and her friendship with the local First Nations community. Read more…

Grade 3

Ethnobotany: Plants And People

With a variety of plant samples, use your senses to examine each specimen while learning about the traditional First Nations uses in celebrations, ceremonies, medicine, food, and more. Read more…

Nightwings: Whoo’s out there?

How do owls interact in their ecosystems? Explore their place on the food chain and dissect a real owl pellet. Read more…

Salmon, Saskatoons And Storytelling: A Funded SD23 Program

Through hands-on exploration of artifacts and objects, games and stories, students will connect to local First Nations cultures. Read more…

Hide Tanning

Explore the cultural and technological innovation of tanning a hide. Complete with a hands-on activity. Designed to complement Salmon Saskatoons and Storytelling. Read more…

Grade 4

Nightwings: Whoo’s out there?

How do owls sense and respond to their environment? Explore the owl world with a fascinating, hands-on experience. Read more…

Fur Trade

The pursuit of natural resources led European fur traders to Canada, forever changing the land and the people. Students will look at the industry from different perspectives and engage in a trading experience. Read more…

Gold Rush Adventure

The pursuit of gold changed the land, the people, and the communities of Canada, as gold prospectors flocked north in the hopes of striking it rich. Students will grab an adventure pack and set off on a unique quest! Read more…

Grade 5

Stories from Kelowna’s Chinatown

How did Canada’s policies and treatment of minority peoples shape communities throughout the country? A timeline, an original building, and primary source letters will bring the past of this community to life. Read more…

Grade 6

Stories from Kelowna’s Chinatown

Why did Kelowna’s Chinatown once exist, and why is it no longer here today? Students will look at a timeline and primary sources to understand this past community’s story. Read more…

Grade 7

Ancient Egypt and The Art Of Mummification

Discover the world of the Ancient Egyptians and their obsession with the afterlife by becoming an embalmer! This hands-on program will explore the religious, cultural, and geographic reasons for mummification. Read more…

Grade 8

Archive Dive!

Become a historian as you compare and assess primary and secondary sources, using your inquiry skills to explore early Kelowna. Tour the Kelowna Public Archives and learn how you can use this amazing resource. Read more…

Grade 9

Letters Home

See World War 1 through the eyes of Okanagan soldiers and their loved ones at home through an examination of primary source letters and exhibits. Read more…

High School

Secret War: Code Breaking and Espionage

Spies, espionage and information. Explore Canada’s role and the impact of the “Secret War” while breaking codes throughout the museum. Read more…

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Kelowna Museums Society takes special care to develop student centered programming in line with the curriculum guidelines as laid out by the BC Ministry of Education.

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Costs & Payment: Costs per program, whether presented at your school or in the museums, are listed with the program description. Quoted fees will remain in effect during the 2016/17 school year.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.

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