tmixʷ | syilx Land and Culture

The syilx people have a deep connection to their land and profound knowledge of local ecosystems. tmixʷ is a syilx word that refers to all living things, including the land, water, animals, people, plants, and much, much more. Explore cultural topics and practice an nsyilxcən greeting.

Kindergarten – Grade 12, Social Studies
Duration: 30 min

The price per program is $75. If this cost is a barrier, please contact us to discuss options.

Contact Jen Garner, Head of Programming, at education@kelownamuseums.ca or 250-868-4836.

The education department of the Kelowna Museums Society takes special care to develop student centered, concept-based programming that is in line with the curriculum guidelines as laid out by the BC Ministry of Education.

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