Kelowna Museums Society has two very unique Archives and Reference Libraries.

Holding in the public trust, the Kelowna Museums Archives and Reference Libraries, collect, catalogue, preserve, exhibit and interpret archival materials of social and historical significance. Our Archives act as the community’s and region’s memory. As a general rule, many of the materials in our Archives are primary source documents, making them unique, as they are mostly unpublished papers and photographs that have been accumulated by individuals or organizations over a period of time.

The Kelowna Public Archives, located on the first floor of the Okanagan Heritage Museum, is an important community resource. Historians, students, personal and academic researchers, special interest groups, media and professional personnel, all use the Archives to access information on Kelowna and the surrounding area, people who live here and our associated industries such as the Orchard and Wine Industry.

The Vince Bezeau Military Library and Archives, located on the second floor of the Okanagan Military Museum, focuses on those who were born here, those who live(d) here and those who fought in the battalions and regiments of the Okanagan. Items are collected in order to preserve this rich history and to teach the next generations about the vital role the Okanagan Military plays in Canadian sovereignty. The associated Reference Library compliments the Archives and is more specialized than conventional libraries. This special collection focuses on books relating to the Canadian Military, those published by Canadian authors or published by Canadian companies.